Wednesday, October 4, 2017

4 Oct 17 - 1116 EDT - Comments about mailed picture postcards to postcrossing members.

Recent comments I've received by email from members of postcrossing that have

received the picture postcards I've mailed to them:

Some of these people from all over the world have a little trouble with English,

but not like most of us who only speak English, they can communicate in an

average of least 3 different languages in order to communicate with their close

neighbor countries.

US-4857648 Russia.

“Thank you so much for the beautiful postcard. Thank you for choosing based on

my preferences. It is very nice! Special thanks for the stamp, coin and banknote.

Such in my collection not. God bless you!”

Postcard US-4862697 (sent) is a favorite of someone in Japan.

US-4876488 Germany.

“Hello Forrest, thank you very much for your beautiful card and the coins.

But I LOVE especially the stamps on the back of the envelope.

To be honest I can't see a sense in so-called "social Networks", I'm neither a

part of Facebook, nor Twitter and whatever. I watch (music) videos at youtube

from time to time and I use whatsapp, but that's it. Hope you don't mind!

Thanks again, take care and Happy Postcrossing. I don't mind at all.

US-4862697 Japan.

“Thank you for postcard. I like it! coins,too!

Have a nice day!

US-4630924 Czech Republic.

“Hello Forest,

thanks a lot for your beautiful postcard and coins :-).

I live with my family (my husband ______and son _____in Mladá Boleslav (a

small town near the capital city of the Czech Republic - Prague). Our older son

______ lives and studies in Prague at an university. In Mladá Boleslav Škoda

cars are made. Maybe you know them :-)

Would you like to have a postcard from my home town? If yes,please send me

your address :-).

Best wishes and happy postcrossing!

US-4870905 Canada.

“Hi Forrest,

Thank you very much for the courthouse postcard, I really find it quite

interesting, and the architecture looks great for its time.

All the best,____________

Hello Forrest!

One of your postcards is a favorite!

Postcard US-4859851 (sent) is a favorite of someone in Finland.

Your postcard US-4859851 to __________ in Finland has arrived! It reached its

destination in 11 days after traveling 4,355 miles!

__________ wrote you a message:

“Hello, hello from Finland and thank you very much for a nice postcard :)”

Your postcard US-4870906 to __________in Netherlands has arrived! It reached

its destination in 4 days after traveling 4,031 miles!

__________ from the Netherlands wrote you a message:

“Thx for the Nice postcard so I can see a Highscool. Its a big area.

Greetings, __________

Enjoy your day”

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