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5 Oct 17 - 0842 EDT - blog - Health.

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"One's health is a simple matter of standing, moving, a positive attitude and 

eating the most nutritious foods."

Forrest Caricofe

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positive attitude and eating the most nutritious foods."


**YESTERDAY. I published 3 blogs. My daily one, one of comments that I've 

received from postcrossing members after they received the picture postcard I 

mailed to them and one of the tweets that I posted on October 2nd, 3rd and 4th.

I gathered more tomatoes and peaches from the back flower beds and maybe 

there will be more for tomorrow. 

**TODAY. I have an appointment to see Dr. Steiner at the Wooster Eye Center.

This is my 2nd appointment since my eye surgery were Dr. Steiner removed a 

cataract, installed a lens and a stent into my left eye. Maybe he can tell me when

he can do surgery on my right eye performing the same surgical procedures that 

he did on the left eye. After that, at the best, I should be able to drive again at 

night and require no eyeglasses for seeing. If I still need eyeglasses, they will

be of minimum strength and I will be able to purchase 2 pair of my favorite rose

colored eyeglasses (no sun glasses required) at Walmart for less than $150.00. 

It has been a long dry spell in Smithville, Ohio. Rain was predicted for yesterday,

but I could count the drops. The chances of rain for today are 90% with high and

low temperatures of 71°and 55°, humidity level at 82% and the wind at 6 miles 

per hour. I won't pray for rain, maybe I'll perform an Indian rain dance in front 

of my web cam and upload to YouTube.  


**I'm in really good health for my age, 75 years old on this coming October 27. 

I'm not bragging about my excellent health, I just wanted to tell you about the 

way I live that contributes to my robust health. Much of this I've told you before,

but new readers of my daily blog may find incentives to live a more healthy life.

I don't believe God intends for us to sit most all our lives, except for the "Last 

Supper," of course, and meals we may have 2 or 3 times a day. 

Homo erectus, which means upright man (woman), our ancestors of almost 2 

million years ago didn't sit all the time except for meals around the cooking fire.

Homo erectus spent most of their time hunting and gathering food. 

I'm not a hunter, but I do gather peaches and tomatoes from the back flower 

beds. I, like Homo erectus, have stood up most all my life, like standing here now

typing my daily blog on my computer on top of my dresser. I only sit to eat 

supper while watching TV, getting up every few minutes to do something else I 

need to do. I lay down to sleep, of course, needing only an approximate 7 hours 


Besides exercising by moving most of the day, I eat better than an approximate

90% of the population. I eat a lot of fish like sardines, the smaller the fish, the 

smaller the mercury content, canned salmon, canned oysters, microwaved Tilapia

and others. I eat fermented foods such as fermented yogurt, fermented 

sauerkraut, Kimchi and others which promote gut, bowel, and digestive health. 

I also eat some hot and spicy Hispanic foods that are  good for your health. I 

take a probiotic vegetarian capsule for good pooping and I'm continuing to take 

the "Miracle Pill of the Century," Turmeric Curcumin, a 500 mg vegetarian 


Another major player of being healthy is to, like me, have an always positive 


I still have that nasty habit of smoking, my recent lung cancer screening was 

negative and my plan to quit is dying. 


5:48 AM 10/5/2017 EDT

*Tropical Storm 16 will make landfall in the gulf states on Sunday then becoming 

a hurricane named Nate, the next name on the list. 

*"US relaxes rules of engagement to help troops in Afghanistan defeat Taliban." It's about time.

*Just below the Google search box today: "New! Meet Google Pixel 2 and the 

expanding Google family."

*It's been a long dry spell in Smithville, Ohio. Maybe God has decided to destroy

our world by drought?

*"Amidst a constitutional crisis, an independence referendum takes place in 

Catalonia, Spain." From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

*"YouTube ad crackdown riles video-makers." I haven't read or 

seen the details, but I hope YouTube won't punnish me. 

*"Astronauts Are Spacewalking Now! Here's what they're doing in orbit."

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