Friday, October 6, 2017

6 Oct 17 - 0901 EDT - blog - My appointment at the Wooster Eye Center.

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"Sight is always the most important of the 5 senses."

Forrest Caricofe

Google search: About 1,110,000 results (1.25 seconds). 

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**YESTERDAY. I'm be very brief in this category because much of what I want to

say of yesterday is typed below in I HAVE SOMETHING ON MY MIND.

I publish 2 blogs, my daily 1 and 1 a collection of my tweets for October 4th and 

5th. It has been a long time since I've published a video, publishing 2 on 

YouTube with me taking a shower, Phase I and Phase II. 

After my appointment I drove to General Dollar which is on the way back to the 

house to purchase some needed household items. From there I drove to Rite Aid

in Orrville for somethings we needed and then to Buehler's Fresh Foods for a

glass jar of fermented sauerkraut at an almost $8.00 cost.

Looks like my intention to be brief didn't work out so well.

**TODAY. Besides publishing my daily blog and maybe another, I have no 

specific plans for today. 

It finally rained yesterday, a farmer's rain that fell gently on the earth until about 

early evening when the sun appeared in the sky. 

The weather forecast calls for high and low temperatures of 74° and 58° with 

scattered showers, a humidity level of 80% and the wind at 9 miles per hour. 

We need much more than scattered showers because of the long drought, I still 

can see cracks in the ground and the earth is very hard to my bare feet. 


**As I typed yesterday, I had an appointment at the Wooster Eye as the 2nd 

followup after my eye surgery to see Dr. Steiner. The office is a happy place with 

everyone smiling and all women except for the 4 or 5 doctors. They say that 

women make better doctors because they have a better beside manner,

however Dr. Steiner has an excellent bedside manner and he is not a woman as 

far as I know. He said that my left eye surgery was healing nicely and that I 

could see very well through my left eye. I don't understand that because it's my 

eye I'm looking through and he's not. 

I also scheduled an appointment for a pre op on my right eye for October 26 at 

9:50 AM with surgery to follow on November 6. If I don't survive the pre op, 

I'll not be here to celebrate my 75th birthday on October 27th. 


*" Nobel Peace Prize awarded to group opposing nuclear weapons."

*"Tropical Storm Nate kills 22 in Central America, heads for US."

*"California's deadly hepatitis A outbreak could last years, official says."

Los Angeles Times.

*"US Will Return to the Moon. VP Mike Pence says we won't stop there."

*Just below the Google search box today: "Quick tips to protect your data this 

Cyber Security Month."

*"Breast Cancer Awareness Month is filled with life-saving events."

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