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7 Oct 17 - 1031 EDT - blog - Do you just age or age with grace?

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"To age with grace is what God would want us to do."

Forrest Caricofe

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**YESTERDAY. I promised you yesterday that I'd be brief in this category and 

wasn't, so I'll now try to keep that promise of yesterday. I published 2 blogs and

2 picture postcards for mailing to postcrossing members and that's it. There 

might be other things I did, but they are probably boring to both you and to me.

Whoops! Almost forgot that it rained almost all day, the second day in a row after

an almost total drought for 3 weeks. 

Well, I did at least keep to you a half arse promise. 

**TODAY. The videos that I uploaded and published on YouTube of me taking a 

shower in 2 phases are doing well because of the increasing views. If you 

haven't seen them yet, just remember I had my shorts on, so don't expect any 

nakedness on my part. I do not want any of my videos to be labeled parental 


I have other ideas for producing videos such as showing the work that was done 

in the basement of the house recently and an Indian who is telling about the 

past of his people. 

Indian summer continues off and on with high and low temperatures of 81° 

and 56° with partly cloudy skies, humidity level of 61% and winds at 17 miles 

per hour. Rain is predicted for Monday and Wednesday with average 

temperatures of 75° through the coming week. 

I'll gather the remaining tomatoes and peaches and pull or dig up the estimated

20 sunflowers that are dying and place them on the fire pit for drying and 

burning after the south cornfield is harvested. 

I enjoy driving the Honda each day and I'm sure that there is somewhere I need 

to drive to today. 


**I met Mike Summers the other day for the first time I'd say in about 40 years 

more or less we not recognizing each other because of the many years that had 

gone past. I uploaded a photo the other day of him and me, the only 

ones standing, in front of the steps to the Orrville Post Office with signs saying 

we where on strike. Below is that same photo in black and white.

Do we just age or age gracefully? That is something I've thought about. My 

Father and Mother aged gracefully not caring about their wrinkles, slight double 

chins, grey hair, loss of teeth, some loss of vision and hearing, lacking in the 

ability to move about, carrying a little more weight, etc. Where they concerned 

enough to considered plastic surgery to appear years younger? Certainly not. 

Inherited or from example, I am much the same, except for my full set of false 

teeth, glaucoma and remaining brown hair with a tinge of gray. 

I remember my operation at the Cleveland Clinic Main Campus when my left 

chest defibrillator became infected. After the surgery had healed, my heart doctor 

sent me to a plastic surgeon believing that I wanted to take part of a small piece 

of my body from my leg to sew in the left part of my upper chest following the 

surgery that had left a slight depression. In talking to the plastic surgeon, I 

politely declined and left his office. 

I believe that God gave to you your body as is and will not care for you any 

better because of plastic surgery or other changes you may make to your body.


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