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9 Oct 17 - 0801 EDT - blog - Little fat Kim Jong-un.

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"What are we to do about the Godless country, North Korea?"

Forrest Caricofe

Google search: About 443,000 results (1.14 seconds). 

No results found for "What are we to do about the Godless country, North 



**YESTERDAY. Published 3 blogs, 1 my daily blog and 2 of a collection of Tweets

for the day and 1 video showing my flexibility at my age and also saying Hi to my 

grandchildren, all boys, in Omaha. 

It rained on and off for the most of the day, gathering more peaches and 

tomatoes during a short break in the weather. 

I later in the afternoon drove to Orrville to Taco Bell and McDonald's for takeout.

I don't usually watch football on TV unless the game is really close and exciting.

The game between 2 of America's favorite football teams, the Green Bay Packers

and the Dallas Cowboys, went down to the last 15 seconds more or less with

the Packers winning 35-31. 

**TODAY. I believe that I can accomplish what I did yesterday, my daily blog, 

two collection of Tweets of today with the exception of a video. I usually have 

several ideas for producing videos, but none so far today.

The weather forecast calls for high and low temperatures of 73°and 54°with 

cloudy skies, the humidity level at 85% and winds at 9 miles per hour with rain 

to follow on Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday. 

The days are getting shorter in this part of the world with sunrise at 7:33:29 AM

and sunset at 6:55:20 PM with total daylight today of 11 hours, 21 minutes. I 

sometimes wish that I could see at night like many other creatures of the night,

but I'm always grateful to God that I can see at all. 


**The headline on Newsmax this morning: "Republican Senator Bob Corker: 

Trump's Recklessness Threatens WWIII."

Senator Corker goes on to say to " The New York Times he was distressed about 

having a president who acts "like he's doing 'The Apprentice' or something.""

All this talk is in reference to North Korea and their dictator, Kim Jong-un who 

has threatened America with a long range nuclear missile. He also seeks to 

add South Korea to his communist country, the final separation of the 2 

countries taking place during the Korean War from Jun 25, 1950 – Jul 27, 1953.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

"The Korean War was a war between North Korea and South Korea. The war 

began on 25 June 1950 when North Korea invaded South Korea. The United 

Nations, with the United States as the principal force, came to the aid of South 


What is America to do in face of the total annihilation of a major American city or 

worse? So far, imposed sanctions have not worked. More sanctions to reduce 

food or farm aid would not work because Kim Jong-un only needs to feed his fat

self, his family and his vast military. The common people are already starving.

Do we have friendly countries siding with us to take action? Not many.

Even South Korea seems to be complacent. Maybe Great Britain if it came to a 

point were we needed assistance? Some United Nation's member countries 

would certainly come to our aid if it really came down to protecting the world 

from North Korea's nuclear missiles, I would hope.

Does North Korea have friends? Sure they do, Iran, Cuba, Syria, others and many 

terrorists organizations to name a few. China has imposed some half arse sanctions

and being a communist country we don't really know whose side they're on.

I hope I live long enough to see Kim Jong-un eradicated from our earth.


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