Monday, October 9, 2017

9 Oct 17 - 1033 EDT - Tweets of today and shared to Facebook.



*"Can Exercise Help Prevent - and Even Treat - Cancer?"

I certainly exercise a lot more than most people.

*"Mike Pence walks out of football game after Donald Trump told him to."

*"SpaceX Rocket is Launching Monday! It's the 1st of TWO SpaceX launches this 

.... "

*"Iran Warns US of Possible Missile Attack If It Imposes New Sanctions." 

Voice of America.

*"Republican Senator Bob Corker: Trump's Recklessness Threatens WWIII."

*"Your Stools Reveal Whether You Can Lose Weight."

My stool sample kit is ordered, Cologuard, "poop in a bucket."

*"Colon Cancer: Processed Meats Increase Risk."

*"Trump seeks sanctuary-city crackdown, curb on unaccompanied minors for

'Dreamer' deal."

*"Skin Patch Dissolves 'Love Handles' in Mice."

*"Watch: SpaceX Rocket is Launching, Now!

8:44 AM 10/9/2017 EDT.

*"In Malaysia's high court, pathologist testifies Kim Jong Nam was killed by 

weapon of mass destruction." Wikinews.

*"Trump is slipping in rural America: Reuters poll."

You're wrong Reuters and I thought you were neutral.

*"Canadian government settles lawsuit over children 'scooped' out of indigenous 

communities." Wikinews.

*"Nationwide, Progressive Candidates Are Leading And Winning." 

Velarie Vande Panne / AlterNet.

*"Trump's DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) Demands Could End 

Deal With Pelosi, Schumer." Where's Reid?

*"Meryl Streep Slams Harvey Weinstein's 'Inexcusable' Behavior and Asserts 'I 

Didn't Know.'"

*A man "helped a kidnapped girl return home. Now he's giving her his $7000 

reward." Washingtonpostcom. A wonderful story for a change.

*"Israeli Minister Chides Trump Over 'Delay' in Promise to Move Embassy." From Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, of course.

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