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1 Nov 17 - 0628 EDT - Scammers.


"We must employ wisdom and common sense when dealing with scammers."

Forrest Caricofe

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**YESTERDAY. Published my main daily blog about me being the black sheep 

of the family and 3 collections of ten tweets most of which were not tweeted. 

Sometimes Twitter is not responsive and I typed that maybe President Trump is 

clogging Twitter's site tweeting to his best friend Michael Moore, the film 

producer, who in reality is President Trump's enemy.

I drove to Orrville in late morning using the black 2000 VW because the Honda 

refused to turn over enough to start. I went to Advance Auto, purchasing a 

battery for the Honda for about $91. $22 of that will be subtracted from my 

credit when I return the old battery. 

I then drove to my PNC (Pittsburgh National Corporation) Bank a short distance 

away to start the application of rolling over an IRA from Farmer's National Bank 

to an investment account at PNC. 

I then walked to Buehler's Fresh Foods to purchase white miso, a Japanese and 

fermented product that I make tea from. After I get the tea hot in the microwave,

I add 1 sheet of toasted seaweed. 

I then drove to Save A Lot to purchase grapes and potatoes that were on sale 

on the sale shelf, real salted butter, sausage gravy and some other things I've

forgotten about.

**TODAY. The only scheduled appointment is at 1:30 PM with Ryan's 

neurologist, Dr. Bavis.

The weather forecast calls for high and low temperatures of 45°and 42° with rain

and snow. SNOW!! What the hell is going on, it ain't even Christmas yet. Well, 

with temperatures this high the snow will melt before it touches the ground.

The relative humidity is 85% with winds at 7 miles per hour, temperatures rising

tomorrow to 64° and another high of 65° on Sunday with rain forecasted for 

Friday, Sunday, Monday and Wednesday. 


**I tweeted yesterday: SCAM ALERT: Callers: Diane Cole & Marvin Clark - phone: 

202-239-1213. Say that we owe the IRS and there is a warrant for our arrest. 

I had to shorten what I really wanted to tweet because Twitter only allows you 

140 spaces. 

When I was in Las Vegas, I encountered someone I called Aron the Scammer 

through an email that he sent to me. I lost no money in this maybe 2 week 

engagement with Aron the Scammer except for copying documents at Staples,

purchasing time on my cell phone for overseas calling and some other minor 

things I don't remember as of right now. 

Yesterday I talked to Marvin Clark who had a Indian accent, so from that I 

immediately became suspicious. He said that he was an employee of the IRS 

(Internal Revenue Service) with a badge number of 181085, that we owed the 

IRS around $5,700 and that there was a warrant out for our arrest. He said that

I needed to go to my local bank, withdraw in cash the amount from above while 

at the time we would be in contact with our phones.  I was then suppose to take 

the withdrawn cash to another local bank and deposit into an account with an 

account and routing numbers he would give to me after I had withdrawn the 

$5,700. I told him he was a scammer and hung up the phone.

Advice: The IRS never phones anyone, but they might send to you a threatening 


Scammers in the history of our world:

*Charles Ponzi - Ponzi scheme was named after him.

*Artur Virgilio Alves Reis - Portuguese counterfeiter who may have contributed 

to the collapse of the Portuguese Republic.

*Charles Keating. Lincoln Savings and Loan Scam.

*Frank Abagnale - His scams portrayed in a film 'Catch Me If You Can' starring

Leonardo DiCaprio.

*Victor Lustig - Sold the Eiffel Tower twice.

Bernard Madoff - His son turned him in to the authorities. In 2009, he was 

sentenced to 150 years in prison.

Advice: Beware, beware, there are scammers (vultures) out there waiting for you 

to make a mistake. 

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