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10 Nov 17 - 0923 ET - WALKING

 **YESTERDAY. Published 2 collections of QUOTES, ETC., 2 collections of 

TWEETS and my main blog related to Issue 2 in Ohio. 

**TODAY. 5:00 AM 11/10/2017 ET. "It's 5:00 O'clock Somewhere." Allen 

Jackson and Jimmy Buffett. 

Veteran's Day is tomorrow and I need to place a new banner flag out front, 

changing the position of the flag from the front porch to nearer Smucker Road. 

On the porch the flag kept getting wrapped around itself and was a continuous 

source of aggravation. I need to find a pole from the garage to drive in the 

ground and then place the flag there like I've done at the northeast border pole 

of our property. 

The weather forecast calls for a high temperature of 30° with chances for sleet

and snow, then the temperature climbs upward throughout the coming week to

a high on next Friday of 51°. 

I may have to wear shoes today when I attempt to place the American banner 

flag out front, but it is still not cold enough to abandon my wearing shorts.

The only scheduled thing for today is to take our dog, Dolly, a Maltese, to get her

hair cut. She is sort of crazy when leaving the house, so Ryan will need to hold

her while I drive us to Wags & Whiskers in Orrville for her 1:00 PM appointment.

If I haven't deleted the video of me taking Dolly Jo to Wags & Whiskers, you can 

view it on YouTube. 


"Walking, not drive-troughs, is the way to prevent infirmities, obesity and to 

retain long lasting health."

Forrest Caricofe

Google search: About 6,830 results (0.83 seconds). 

No results found for "Walking, not drive-troughs, is the way to prevent 

infirmities, obesity and to retain long lasting health."


**Are drive-troughs one of the reasons we are so overweight or obese? 

Before Mother became to old to leave her home, there were many times that we 

walked together, not using any conveniences or drive-troughs. 

One was when we visited the area in Staunton, Virginia where my Father and 

her had an apartment (sometime after 1940). It was just off U. S. Route 11 and 

she said that Randy, my Father and her use to walk from the apartment uphill to 

a mostly old soldier's last resting places. They then would walk downhill and 

back to their apartment.

Things have changed since then. A new Interstate 81 that parallels U. S. Route 

11, their apartment gone forever, a Walmart across the street and a KFC just 

west of there which brings me to a story that was told by my sister, Nancy.

This KFC is only one of a few left with a buffet, so Mother liking dark meat 

chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy and green beans, we took her there as often

as we could. Nancy said that she drove Mother to this KFC and upon arriving 

they found out they didn't bring any money or credit cards. They told this story 

to a person nearby, but this person was not a good Samaritan, not offering to 

contribute. All of us kids would have handed over $20 or more in a minute,  

saying to pass it on. As it turned out the visit to KFC was not fruitless. Mother 

had to do a number 2 and then they returned to Mother's home on Herring's 

Lane in Dayton. 

We walked in the Turner Ashby High School parking lot, in the gated community

in Lake Wales, Florida when visiting Uncle E. C. and Aunt Ruth, Mother's younger

sister, park as far away from a store so we could walk the further distance, in 

Omaha, Nebraska when visiting her grandson, my son, Michael, and many other 

places that we had the chance to walk. 

The moral of this story is that people want convenience, so companies are 

provided it for them. It's not their fault, it's yours. 

I forsee in the future that grocery and other stores will bring food with a 

waiter/waitress to serve you, a person to clean your house, appliances, etc. to 

your home and all you'll need to do is sit in your easy chair watching TV and 

eating, dictating to the waitress/waiter what you would like to eat, tip included. 

After spending 12 hours of the day watching TV, eating, peeing and pooping and 

because you got so wore out during the day from all this activity, you'll need 12

hours of sleep.

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