Friday, November 10, 2017

10 Nov 17 - 1021 ET - QUOTES

*If you're bad you're going to hell, if you're good you're going to Heaven. 

Sounds pretty commonsensical to me.

*If there were changes I would make if I lived my life all over, I can't do it now

because I don't remember those things that I would change.

*To be patient for something is a pleasure, to be impatient for something causes


*Are drive-troughs one of the reasons we are so overweight or obese?

*Only God knows what we will do tomorrow.

*If you get behind in what you're doing, don't fret. If you live until tomorrow

you'll get it done.

*Which is worse health-wise, smoking or being obese? Think about it.

*If tomorrow never comes for you, remember, the place most of you are going

is a paradise compared to here on earth.

*Walking, not drive-troughs, is the way to prevent infirmities, obesity and to 

retain long lasting health.

*Going number 2 has evaded me for 3 days until now. Hurrah, hurrah!

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