Saturday, November 11, 2017

11 Nov 17 - 0652 ET - TWEETS

*"Supernova's Expanding 'Echo' of Light Captured by Hubble Telescope."

By Calla Cofield.

*"Politico: Biden Considering 2020 Bid."

*"Taxpayer piggy bank lets Congress settle sexual harassment cases in secret."

*"Nintendo reportedly doubles Switch production again."

*"Ford tries out exoskeletal vests to lessen strain for assembly line workers."

*"Jupiter's Colorful Clouds Swirl Like Marbleized Art in Stunning New Image."

By Calla Cofield.

*Google is celebrating Veteran's Day. Click on the link "Celebrating our Veterans 

today" to view a short video. 

*"Melatonin: Natural Remedy for US 'Sleep-Loss Epidemic.'"

*"Live on the US East Coast? Look up to see a rocket launch tomorrow ..." 

*"Trump, Putin reportedly agree to defeat ISIS in Syria."

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