Saturday, November 11, 2017

11 Nov 17 - 0701 ET - Quotes and other things.

*To those veterans who are living let's thank them for their service, to those 

that have died let's remember them in our heart.

*I'm getting tired of reading about the Roy Moore allegation's of sexual 

misconduct since in the end, taxpayer's will bare the cost if a settlement is 


*Enjoy your freedom, thank a veteran and those that have supported them.

*If you pray, pray for everyone in the world, including your enemies. God Bless 

Everyone, Amen.

*You must remember that suicide is a permanent solution for today with no 


*Start your New Year's resolution to diet the day before Thanksgiving, not on 

New Year's Day.

*May we all be blessed with wisdom and common sense when dealing with 


*I know that Mother read nursery rhymes to me as a child, but it's been so long

that I don't remember them exactly. Was it Little Miss Humpty Dumpty sat down 

and ate his curds and whey?  

*To all of the people in the world I've received from or mailed picture postcards 

to as a member of postcrossing, I wish to you a blessed day.

*Let us all wish for happiness, love and good health to everyone, not just on 

New Years, but everyday of the year.

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