Saturday, November 11, 2017


*We must always remember, although you are downtrodden today, tomorrow 

with the sunrise of the morning, tomorrow will be a better day for you. 

*I just found out that Queen Elizabeth II's off shore assets have been found 

out in the Paradise Papers. Is this the end to the monarchy?

*I don't know at times whether I'm wandering or wondering.

*I see that now Trump and Putin have agreed to fight on the same side in 

defeating ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) in Syria, instead of fighting on 

opposite sides during the over 6 year war. 

*I was told or read that Alternet was unbiased and neutral, but each time I go 

to their website recently all I see is anti-Trump. 

*With all that money hidden in offshore accounts according to the Paradise 

Papers by Prince Charles and his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, they should not 

take anymore of the British taxpayer's to live the life of a Prince and a Queen.

*It takes about &368 million a year to fund the Royal Brits. Some funds 

come from the queen's investment, leaving last year a whopping $48 million for 

British taxpayers to pay. I'd be outraged!!

*I have to organize my pills in a 30 day organizer. It's a pain in the arse. I'm 

pretty healthy for my age. I really should decide not to take anymore of them

durn pills.

*I just told you I was healthy. That's a lie. My gall bladder causes me to throw-up

when I eat too much grease, I have a dermatologist appointment on Monday 

where they will probably find at least 5 places with basel-cell skin cancer and

eye surgery on Wednesday at 10:00 AM. That was a bold face lie, wasn't it?

*I had lost some weight during the spring and summer, expending more calories

than I consumed, now that fall is here and winter is coming soon the process

will be reversed, expending less calories than I consume and beginning to gain 

weight again. It's like being on a weight loss, weight gain merry-go-round.

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