Sunday, November 12, 2017

12 Nov 17 - 0738 ET - COFFEE

**YESTERDAY. Published my main blog about Veteran's Day, and 2 collections 

each of Tweets and Quotes and some other things I have on my mind. 

I later drove to Orrville to Buehler's Fresh Foods for some grocery items and 

then to Wooster to KFC for a 12 piece bucket of chicken, only 1 breast, and 3 


I watched some college football during the day providing a running commentary

on the Ohio State - Michigan State game through Twitter. 

**TODAY. I'll need to start eye drops in my right eye, 4 times a day, in 

preparation for my eye surgery this coming Wednesday at 10:00 AM. 


"Drinking Coffee is a major reason for productivity in the world."

Forrest Caricofe

Google search: About 54,000,000 results (0.94 seconds). 

No results found for "Drinking Coffee is a major reason for productivity in 

the world."


**I certainly drink more than my share of coffee. 

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

"Coffee is a brewed drink prepared from roasted coffee beans, which are the 

seeds of berries from the Coffea plant. The genus Coffea is native to tropical 

Africa and Madagascar, the Comoros, Mauritius, and RĂ©union in the Indian 


And from

"A new European survey commissioned by the Institute for Scientific 

Information on Coffee (ISIC) has revealed that workplace coffee drinking habits 

are shaped by time, taste, and the desire for a productivity boost. Across every 

country ISIC surveyed, on average, coffee was the drink most closely associated 

with productivity.

ISIC hosted an expert roundtable discussion into the survey findings, looking at 

the associations between caffeine, cognitive function, alertness and 


The tea leaf contains more caffeine than the coffee bean, but most of the 

caffeine in tea is diluted in the first 10 seconds of brewing. 

I know a few people who drink tea and, of course, the British and other 

countries are known for drinking tea at set times of the day along with their 

scones, crumpets, finger sandwiches and other sweet snacks. I still don't know 

why the British are so productive and a major player in the European economy 

without drinking coffee? Maybe they're secretly drinking coffee?

Enough said about that. 

To all of those that drink tea, switch to coffee for a more productive life style. 

If you are afraid someone will see you drinking coffee, just pretend your 

drinking tea, but don't let them smell it.

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