Sunday, November 12, 2017

12 Nov 17 - 1347 ET - TWEETS

*"Trump lands in Philippines, offers to mediate on South China Sea." Here again, China rules the South China Seas. 

*"GE faces 2nd dividend cut since Great Depression."

Although I was not alive during the Great Depression, I came to know the 

lasting impact that it had on my family members.

*"Qatar appoints four women to its law-drafting Shura Council." A first for Qatar.

*"Special task force to respond to sexual assault in Hollywood." About time. It's been going on since black and 

white film production. 

*"Answering the question that won me the Ig Nobel prize: Are cats liquid?

By Marc-Antoine Fardin. The human body is up to

about 60% water, if cats contained 100% water how could we tell its a cat?

*"McCain: 'Sad' Trump Didn't Address Human Rights in Vietnam." I know that Senator McCain is a veteran and was a POW in 

Vietnam, but it seems he's always complaining and I try to stay away from 

negative people.

*"Deadly outbreak of black death which has killed 140 in Madagascar may 

mutate and become UNTREATABLE." I believe a prayer 

may be appropriate.

*"Ceremony marks the 35th anniversary of the Vietnam Wall." If you can't travel to Washington, D.C. to see the 

Vietnam Wall, there are two replicas that are 80% as large as the one in D. C. 

and travel throughout the United States. I can remember seeing one in 

Harrisonburg, Virginia.

*"Al Gore says voting Trump out in 2020 could save Paris Agreement." That's funny. Al Gore, the self-called 

inventor of the internet and winner of a Nobel Prize for doing practically 

nothing. He was also responsible for the "hanging chads" in Florida.

*"NFL players should stand during national anthem, Indiana veterans say."  Don't they know they're free to play football 

because of us veterans?

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