Monday, November 13, 2017

13 Nov 17 - 0955 ET - 10 TWEETS & COMMENTS

*I live about 50 miles south of Cleveland and Lake Erie, the 11th largest lake in 

the world by surface area, fourth largest of the Great Lakes in surface area and 

the smallest by volume, the shallowest and most treacherous of the 5 great 


I'm still a fan of the Browns, but,

"Inside the locker room: Glover Quin says 0-9 Browns have top-10 talent." The San Francisco 49ers won yesterday, they're are 1-9, so 

leaves the Browns as the lone bottom dweller in the NFL.

*"Non-Partisan Tax Plan Analysis: Senate Plan Better for Middle Class." 

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

"A male making $57,000 and a female making $40,000 with a combined 

households income of $97,000 as a typical middle-class family.

*On Google's search page: "Get the new Google Pixel Book, now in stock."

*"Binge-Watchers, Beware: Long TV Time Poses Clot Risk." I might watch TV about 1 hour average a day and 

that's all. I'm usually standing and typing on my computer on top of my dresser, 

my publishing's of today just like I'm doing right now: 5:55 AM 11/13/2017 ET.

*"Scientists work to harness power from Hawaii’s waves." Maybe eventually we can take down the wind 

turbines that are spread throughout our land. 

*"Hundreds killed in Iran-Iraq border quake. Thousands of others are injured in 

the strong earthquake, felt as far away as Israel. 1 hour ago." I believe that praying for others is appropiate


*"United States Senator (Republican) Jeff Flake announces retirement, citing 

'profoundly misguided' party politics." Just like Governor Kasich of Ohio. 


*"Microsoft founder Gates commits $100 million for fund, start-ups, to fight 

Alzheimer's." I admire Bill Gates and his 

wife, Melinda. 

*"Carrie Underwood hospitalized after fall outside Nashville home." She and Brad Paisley performed recently to raise awareness 

and money for those shot in Las Vegas. She's young and will heal quickly.

*"Next Volkswagen Beetle could be a rear wheel driven electric." Awesome!!

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