Tuesday, November 14, 2017

14 Nov 17 - 0311 ET - 10 TWEETS

*"This 'Sound of Silence' in Space Music Video by NASA Is Just Amazing."

By Harrison Tasoff. Awsome!!

*"Hasbro Deal for Mattel Would Be Swell, but There Remain 'Buts.'" I still believe both are a buy.

*Rasmussen: Trump Approval Jumps to 46 Percent."

I believe that this is due, in part, to President Trump being a world leading 

offering to mediate the differences in trading in the South China Seas.

*"Donald J. Trump on Twitter: "Happy to announce, I am nominating Alex Azar 

to be the next HHS (Health and Human Services) Secretary.

This was after Tom Price, the former secretary, resigned on Friday. 

*"Privately Funded Team May Launch Life-Hunting Mission to Saturn Moon 

Enceladus." By Mike Wall. Enceladus is the sixth-largest moon 

of Saturn.

*"China Beats US On Fastest Supercomputers List."

Toms Hardware? That's one web site I haven't heard about.

*"Ancient Artifact Proves Humans Have Been Drinking Wine for at Least 8000 

Years. Useless information unless you're a wino.

*"Do welfare states boost economic growth, or stunt it?" A welfare state feeds on itself, growing 

larger in giving handouts to almost everyone eventually. Does that make sense?

*"Could indoor farming help address future food shortages?"

By Ivette Feliciano and Zachary Green. I once 

told you I should have been a farmer. Indoor farming what be great for the 

colder regions of the world.

*"U.S. hate crimes rise for second straight year: FBI."

With most all of us worshiping a similar God, why should there be this much 

hate in the world? 

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