Tuesday, November 14, 2017

14 Nov 17 - 0928 ET - 10 TWEETS.

*"Over 50 Pastors Sign Letter of Support for Roy Moore.

Fifty-three Alabama pastors on Monday released a letter of support." I wonder how many of those 53 Alabama preachers have

undiscovered sexual misconduct events in their backgrounds? Time to go, Roy.

*"HTC Vive Focus hands-on: a promising start for next-gen mobile VR."

*"Raiders break ground on new stadium in Las Vegas. I stayed in 

Las Vegas for about 5 months in 2016 and knew the Raiders were moving from 

Oakland. No inclement weather there. 

*"More than 15000 scientists from 184 countries issue 'warning to humanity'
       ca is Canada. 

*"Warmer weather, rising non-OPEC output threaten oil market balance." 

I wonder if this has caused "Mohammed bin Salman, the ambitious 32-year-old 

crown prince of Saudi Arabia, in rounding up the opposition — specifically, the 

opposition inside his own royal family?"

*"High blood pressure is redefined as 130, not 140: US guidelines (Update)." My average blood pressure reading is about 125 over 

65 with 2 blood pressure mdications. I could stop taking 1 or both if I lost about 

30 pounds. 

*"10 Great, Perfect, Solid-Mithril Ideas For 'Lord Of The Rings' TV Spin-Offs." 

*"This app tracks drug overdoses in real time. Today, that tool, known as 

ODMAP, is used by more than 250 law enforcement, first responder and public 

health agencies in 27 states.

*"Smuggler that helps fighters and their families out of Syria.

Secret Raqqa IS (Islamic State) withdrawal deal revealed." Withdraw the Islamic State to Jupiter. 

*"An Idea-Starved Democratic Party Tries to Recycle Joe Biden.

Democratic Party donors are getting excited about Joe Biden running for 

President in 2020. Not a chance. 

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