Tuesday, November 14, 2017

14 Nov 17 - 1541 ET - Quotes, everything else & so on,

*They say if "you lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink,"show me a 

cup of coffee and you won't have to lead me there.

*For those of us who rejoice, rejoice that our loved ones who have died are in 


*"A penny saved is a penny earned." Does anyone pickup pennies anymore.

I'm the only one I know of.

*When taking care of of an elderly parent, when does that parent become the 


*Remember our fellow humans by showing kindness, remember our love ones in 

Heaven in our heart.

*May your blessings of today guide you to tomorrow.

*My ancestryDNA found that I was 13% Irish. It seems that many people's roots 

are in Ireland. Maybe the beginnings of humans was not in Africa, but in Ireland, 

the archaeologists not digging deep enough yet.

*At my appointment yesterday at TwinOaks Dermatology, Dr. Clark gave me a 

prescription for a shampoo. Paying nothing for shampoo is better than paying 

$12 for a bottle of Paul Mitchell Shampoo. 

*Tomorrow I'll have eye surgery at the Wooster Eye Surgery Center Wooster to 

remove a catacract and implant a lens and a stent in my right. You know drinking

increases productivity, well, I can't have anything to eat or drink after 12 

o'oclock tonight, then not until after the operation tomorrow. Durn it!

*With the coming winter, I know with the leaves turning brilliant colors are 

beautiful, but that does not make like the harsh cold of the season.

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