Wednesday, November 15, 2017

15 Nov 17 - 1551 ET - EYE SURGERY

**YESTERDAY. Not much happening except my usual publishing's so that's all

I have to type about for yesterday.

**TODAY. I awakened later than usual, it's 6:08 AM 11/15/2017 ET right now. 

Most of the morning and early afternoon will be spent as explained below.


"To those that are blind, show kindness. To those of us who can see, rejoice."

Forrest Caricofe

Google search: About 2,020,000 results (1.16 seconds). 

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can see, rejoice."


**I'm starting to type this right now 4:03 PM 11/14/2017 ET, because I won't 

have the energy tomorrow with no coffee until after my eye surgery. What I 

should have done after my appointment at TwinOaks Dermatology yesterday

(Nov 13) was to sleep in my car like I did in the parking lot of a Walmart in Las 

Vegas for about 5 and 1/2 months. I could sleep or stay there for about a day 

and a half, then walk across Milltown Road to the Wooster Eye Surgery Center. 

They said I could not drive to or from the surgery center, they didn't say 

anything about walking.

11:57 AM 11/15/2017 ET. I've just returned from the Wooster Eye Surgery 

Center. The front office and operating areas are happy places and like a ballet, 

each one doing her job according to how it's choreographed. I say her because 

like so many doctors offices I've visited before, all have all women staff, the 

reason being that women are multi-taskers and men have trouble doing one 

simple task at one time. 

After waiting in the waiting room for a short time, Carol came to the entrance of 

the operating and called my name, Forrest. If I'm not mistaken, Carol said she 

was named after a popular Christmas play called 'A Christmas Carol.' 

After I lay down on the operating bed, she checked all my vitals, placed eye 

drops into my eyes while asking me questions and other things at the same time 

just like a true multi-tasker. After much of what she had to do was finished, 

Donna came to my bed with more questions and saying she would administer the 


Then Susan came to my bed saying she would assist Dr. Steiner in the operating

room. She asked the same questions the others did, "what's your full name,"

"what's your birth-date" and "which eye are we operating on." They all knew this 

before hand, so why do they keep asking me the same questions? Maybe they're 

doing this to see if I have dementia.

All this time they were kidding around with each other, friendly like and happy. 

Then I saw Dr. Steiner come through the doors from his previous surgery and the 

atmosphere was filled with short jokes. Dr. Steiner is not that short, but he is 

shorter than me. I'm a little less than  6 feet tall, gravity having its' effect over 

my long years of life. In my years of watching human behavior, I could see that 

this was a very happy place. 

They then wheeled me into the operating room where Dr. Steiner could only do 

thing at a time and I remembered nothing until shortly after they wheeled me 

out where Deb was waiting there to give me final instructions. She went over the

eyedrops I had to take in the right eye 4 times a day and to not rub the right eye 

covering it while I slept on my left side. 

That's it. A happy day at the Wooster Eye and Surgery Center. Wrong, Forrest.

You still need to type a five star review on their website. Yes, that's right. Thanks 

for reminding me.

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