Wednesday, November 15, 2017

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*"'Beyond A Year In Space': Astronaut Scott Kelly's Epic Documentary Airs on 

PBS Wednesday." By Sarah Lewin.

*"A little-known Chinese company is buying up London taxis, luxury sports 

vehicles, and now—flying cars."

*"MekaMon is an AR robot that you control using your smartphone." What the heck is that?

*"Facebook Is a Marketplace for Illegal Opioid Sales." By Cathy Burke. All you drug dealers, buy your heroine on Facebook.

*"Zimbabwe's military seizes state TV." Spokesman

says this is not a government takeover, but an attempt to rid the government of 

corrupt officials.   

*"House Democrats Help Republicans Pass $700B in Military Spending." The more, the better.

*"Congress questions commander-in-chief’s sole nuclear authority."  Congress cannot make decisions, so why 

should it question President Trump's ability to make a decision?

*"US Congress at centre of unsettling new sexual harassment claims involving 

indecent exposure and groping. Representative Jackie Speier says she knows of 

two Congress members who sexually harassed staffers." Emily Shugerman. 

Speaker Paul Ryan has began sexual misconduct training in the Senate. 

Hopefully this will prevent some sexual misconduct in the future. 

*"Amazon Black Friday 2017 deals on PlayStation VR, 4K TVs and gaming 

laptops." by Michael McWhertor@MikeMcWhertor.

*"SpaceX Delays Launch of Secret Zuma Mission to Thursday."

By Tariq Malik. 

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