Wednesday, November 15, 2017


*I have an eye doctor in 4 cities. Harrisonburg, Virginia; Omaha, Nebraska; Las 

Vegas, Nevada and here in Wooster, Ohio. Seems to me that would be enough for

someone 75 years old.

*In order remain humane, in a world of evil, we need to show kindness to 

everyone we meet. 

*I also have dermatologists in 4 cities. I don't know why I'm telling you this, I 

can see only one dermatologist at a time.

*If you're down and out, look up and asked the Lord for guidance. 

*I just got to thinking about my long hair, now 5 inches down past more 

shoulders. I'll never be able to catch up with Willy Nelson.

*This is my 2nd doctor's office in 3 days counting today. On Monday a 

dermatologist and today an eye surgeon. When will a day come when I won't 

need to go to a doctor? But I do know. The day at the end of my life.

*The darkness of the night is nothing to be afraid knowing that the light of day 

will come tomorrow.

*Does wander and wonder have similar definitions? It appears to me they do

because they both seem to indicate some indecision.

*When they first started to sell bottled water some years ago, I was aggravated

when water is free from your well, spring and/or cistern.

*I've heard the some people drink their own urine for medicinal purposes. I 

doubt that urine tastes good and would not drink it unless I had no water 

resouces and became seriously dehydrated.  Yucky.

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