Thursday, November 16, 2017

16 Nov 17 - 0956 ET - 10 TWEETS

*"Justice League': What the Critics Are Saying."

*"Mystery of Pluto's Super-Cold Weather Solved." By Mike Wall.

*"'MythBusters' Returns, with New Hosts and Sword-Swinging Robots."

By Mindy Weisberger.

*"Shepard Smith's long history of infuriating Fox News viewers." I remember when he got mad because someone used

his parking space. 

*"Senators forge deal to improve gun background database."

*"Meet 'Oumuamua! The 1st Interstellar Visitor Ever Seen Gets a Name."

By Mike Wall. 

"The IAU also approved an official scientific designation for 'Oumuamua: 

1I/2017 U1. This is a first-of-its-kind moniker; the "I" stands for "interstellar." 

Previously, small objects like 'Oumuamua have received standard comet or 

asteroid designations, which sport a "C" or "A," respectively, in place of the "I.""

*"The Moto Z's latest Mod turns the phone into a Polaroid instant camera." I remember the Polaroid instant camera from long ago.

*"Poland: Thousands of far-right nationalists gather in Warsaw to march for 

white supremacy, anti-liberalism, and anti-Islam on Polish independence day."

*"Rare da Vinci painting sells for $450 million, smashing auction record."

By Phil Hirschkorn. There are a lot of poor 

people in the world that could live better with part of that $450 million.   

*"Congress poised for a major test on tax legislation."

David Morgan and Amanda Becker.

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