Thursday, November 2, 2017

2 Nov 17 - 0845 EDT - Ten tweets most of which I haven't tweeted.

Ten tweets most of which I haven't tweeted

*"Monster Planet, Tiny Star. Record breaking duo puzzles astronomers."

*Pray for the evil to change their ways and join the world community.

*Google's search page: "Day of the Dead, 2017."

*"Houston Strongest! Astros rule the World."  Astros 5, Dodgers 1.

*Family ties are almost as important as Heavenly ties. www.forrestcaricofe

*6:40 AM 11/2/2017 EDT. My main blog subject of today is the Hispanics 

wonderful sense of family. 

*The Hispanics have the most wonderful sense of family. Adios. 

*"North Korea working on advanced version of missile that could reach US, 

source says."

*"Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber: Why They Just Can't Quit Each Other."

*"FDA Warns Companies Against Claims That Marijuana Cures Diseases."

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