Thursday, November 2, 2017

2 Nov 17 - 1351 EDT - Ten tweets most of which I haven't tweeted.

Ten tweets most of which I haven't tweeted

*"See How Astronauts Practice Spacewalks."

*"$1.6 million Hennessey Venom F5 designed to go 300 mph."

*My first collection of tweets and you can order marijuana if you want to. 

*2 videos published on YouTube related to my grandchildren and the healthy 

foods that I eat.

*"GOP tax bill: No changes to 401(k), doubles deductions for middle class, limits 

state and local tax."

*"Broadcom moving headquarters to US from Singapore, says Trump."

*"8 things you'll want to try first with your iPhone X."

*To have faith other than in God and Jesus, we need to believe in earthly angels. 

*"Catching Alzheimer's earliest symptoms may help delay disease."

*"Razer Phone : 5 reasons this one's different."

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