Friday, November 3, 2017

3 Nov 17 - 0724 EDT - Quotes and Tweets.

Ten tweets most of which I haven't tweeted

*We live on 1 world but because of our differences we remain worlds' apart.

*At the the bottom of the Google search page: "Meet scientists using 

supercomputers to create a more sustainable water supply."

"Everything is just right for us to exist on this planet we call earth."

*"Trump Praises GOP Tax Plan: 'It's All About Jobs,'"

*It is the right of humankind to be free of all tyranny.

*"Is Hollywood cleaning house amid sexual misconduct scandals fallout?"

*May we all live for one another and not just for ourselves.

*"Donna Brazile Confesses that DNC Rigged Primaries." Former DNC Interim 

Chair Donna Braz.

*"Call of Duty: WWII Review – Brothers in Arms (PS4)."

*"Film Review: 'Murder on the Orient Express.'"

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