Friday, November 3, 2017

3 Nov 17 - 0839 EDT - Our Planet.


Yesterday, I published 3 collections of 10 tweets each, 2 videos on YouTube and 

my main blog of the Hispanic's amazing sense of family. 

I later drove to Orrville to Advance Auto to take my old battery back to receive 

a reimbursement on my credit card for $22 and to Rite Aid for prescription 


Yesterday's weather was warmer, about 65° during the day with a few raindrops 

here and there. 

Today's weather calls for high and low temperatures of 57°and 34° with 

scattered showers. We're planning to go to the bank, this being payday for 

senior citizens over 62 years of age and later to Restoration Thrift beside 

Save A Lot, both in Orrville. 


"Everything is just right for us to exist on this planet we call earth."

Forrest Caricofe

Google search: About 7,210,000 results (0.99 seconds). 

No results found for "Everything is just right for us to exist on this planet we 

call earth."


**At the the bottom of the Google search page: "Meet scientists using 

supercomputers to create a more sustainable water supply."

What are the necessary things to sustain life?


- " A solar system with a single massive Sun than can serve as a long-lived, 

stable source of energy.

- A terrestrial planet (non-gaseous).

- The planet must be the right distance from the sun in order to preserve liquid 

water at the surface – if it’s too close, the water is burnt off in a runaway 

greenhouse effect, if it’s too far, the water is permanently frozen in a runaway 


- The solar system must be placed at the right place in the galaxy – not too near 

dangerous radiation, but close enough to other stars to be able to absorb heavy 

elements after neighboring stars die.

- A moon of sufficient mass to stabilize the tilt of the planet’s rotation.

- Plate tectonics.

- An oxygen-rich atmosphere.

- A sweeper planet to deflect comets, etc.

- Planetary neighbors must have non-eccentric orbits.

- Water (all cells are mostly water).

- Atmosphere (to keep the water in a liquid state).

- Energy (from the sun or geothermal/hydrothermal sources).

- Nutrients.

- Gravity - to hold it together." 

And the ConfusedHermit goes on to say:

"- You don't need sunlight. Life lives at the bottom of the sea with no sunlight.

- You don't need oxygen. For a billion years there was life without oxygen."

But we need oxygen and sunlight now. 

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And now I know the full story. My grade teacher said that we needed oxygen, 

water and food provided through "photosynthesis that is a process used by 

plants and other organisms to convert light energy into chemical energy that can 

later be released to fuel the organisms' activities." Wikipedia.

As for the rest of the requirements listed above by the ConfusedHermit, I never 

much thought about all the other necessary conditions that need to exist for our

planet to survive and we as a people to live on it.

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