Friday, November 3, 2017

3 Nov 17 - 1237 EDT - Tweets and my own Quotes.

Tweets and my own Quotes

*Are we always blessed the most while here on earth? No, we are always blessed 

the most when we pass to Heaven.

*"CDC: Heart disease death rate plummets, but overdose death rate rises."

*Why is that God gave women the talent to multi-task, but not to men?

*"Twitter Employee Deactivated Donald Trump's Account On His Last Day: We 

Have A New Internet Hero."

*"Actress Cassidy Freeman accuses Jeremy Piven of 'predatory behavior.'"

*It seems to me that Bill Clinton's copy cat sexual predator's took a longer time 

in getting caught. 

*"China disputes Trump's claim of 'flood' of fentanyl (opioid, narcotic) into US."

*Suicide is the final and last solution to a short term challenge.

*Should we be horrified that China uses slave labor for producing products 

for America? You know the answer.

*"Pick Up the Amazon Echo (2nd Gen) & August Smart Lock Pro Connect Bundle 

for $324 – 11/2/17."

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