Saturday, November 4, 2017

4 Nov 17 - 1554 EDT - Tweets and my own Quotes.

Tweets and my own Quotes

*"... 9-year-old cancer patient wants a card from you to celebrate his 'last 

Christmas' early." And on Facebook.

*Why does God take the young and leave an old person like me to remain on our 

earth? I would, without hesitation, trade my life for his.

*"Trump Says Unsure If Tillerson Will Remain Secretary of State."

*We must at least remember part of our past to foretell part of our future. 

*Complainers are like Albatross' (psychological burdens), being a detriment to 

us all.

*"Cannabis and Sleep Disturbances: What You Need to Know." Nishi Whitely / 

Project CBD.

*Oh, if I only knew someone who knows the ways of Heaven.

*"Harvey Weinstein: NYPD building case to arrest producer after deeming rape 

allegation 'credible.'"

*"Juno Probe Makes Jupiter. We can't wait to see the photos from this!

*"Finnish airline to weigh passengers before flights."

30 years ago the Finns were fat and now they're not. 

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