Sunday, November 5, 2017

5 Nov 17 - 0803 EDT - Memories.

**YESTERDAY. I published 2 blogs related to Jacob Thompson who is in Barbara

Bush's Children's Hospital in Maine and would like Christmas cards mailed to

him, he having about only a month to live. All 3 of us will prepare Christmas 

cards tomorrow and mail them on Monday.

I also published 2 collections of tweets and my own quotes, really doing nothing 

else for the remainder of the day. 

**TODAY. The weather forecast calls for high and low temperatures of 67° and 

47° with thunderstorms and a flash flood warning for northern Ohio. The 

elevation of Smithville is 1,063,′ we living 2 miles east of Smithville on Smucker

Road and an increase of about 100' of elevation, means we will not be 

threatened by rising waters. The temperatures for the remainder of the week will

be in the middle 40°s, up to the low 50°s with no rain until next Sunday. 


"May we remember the good memories and not the bad memories of our past."

Forrest Caricofe

Google search: About 5,960,000 results (0.99 seconds).

No results found for "May we remember the good memories and not the bad 

memories of our past."


**I believe, for my age, I have an excellent memory except for the maybe 5 

first years after I was born. 

At one of the first of many houses we lived in when I was growing up on High 

Street in Dayton, Virginia,  I was rocking on the rocker, that my Father provided 

for me, on the back porch and fell off and broke my arm. I don't remember this 

because I was 5 years old or less, my parents telling me later what had 

happened. Another thing I don't remember was crawling under the bed when 

company came to our house.

Besides that I believe, I have an excellent memory of the past and I thank God 

and my family genes for that. 

I don't have a photographic memory and I just have an average IQ, but I do 

remember many things from my past that were both good and bad.

I, like many people I know, have nightmares.



"A Bad Dream Is More Than Just A Dream: The Science Of Nightmares

Mar 31, 2015 - Nightmares in adults can be spontaneous, but are generally 

triggered by psychological factors like anxiety and depression, and the result of 

poor nutrition. Moreover, sleep disorders including sleep apnea and restless legs 

syndrome can cause people to experience chronic, recurrent nightmares."

I may have restless leg syndrome because I'm always moving, but none of the 

others from above.

So, what's happened here? I started to type about my excellent memory and now

I'm typing about nightmares, maybe my memory isn't good as I thought it was.

Perhaps I'm in the early stages of Dementia??

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