Sunday, November 5, 2017

5 Nov 17 - 0831 ET - Quotes, etc.


*Twitter is page non-responsive again, so if I take more than 140 spaces to 

tweet, we'll both know the reason why.

*I've been eating a lot of microwaved sliced potatoes recently. It must be 

because my ancestorDNA analysis said I was 13% Irish. 

*We must know the ways and the whys of how we live our life in order to find 

out where we are going in the future.

*It is better to live a life of quality for only 30 years than to live 60 years or 

older with none.

*Must we always know where we are going before we get there?

*Strive for a good life of helping others to receive the key to Heaven's Gate.

*I've been belly sick the last 2 days. I'm allergic to milk which is necessary to 

make butter and I've been eating a lot of butter.

*Who is our worst enemy, ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) or the devil?

*God created Homo erectus meaning "upright man," so why do most of us spend

our lifetime sitting?

*I'm much like Forrest Gump, except I can no longer "run, Forrest, run," I can 

only "walk, Forrest, walk."

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