Sunday, November 5, 2017

5 Nov 17- 0921 ET - TWEETS.


*"Mobile Apps for the Full. No telescope needed for this lunar sight!"

*"Trump Announces Putin Meeting as He Kicks Off Asia Tour."

A battle of the titans. 

*"Saudi princes, others arrested in sweep viewed as show of force by crown 


*"There's a Popular Groundswell for Impeachment—and It's Totally Not 

Happening." Heather Digby Parton / Salon.

*"Red Cross: $6 million for Ebola fight stolen through fraud."

*"Take Our Moon Quiz! Are you a Moon Master? Prove it!

*"Why does US have so many child brides?

*"Microsoft ends its last free Windows 10 upgrades on December 31st."

*"A 'Lord Of The Rings' TV Series May Be In The Works, But Fans Aren't Here 

For It."

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