Monday, November 6, 2017

6 Nov 17 - 0711 ET - QUOTES.


*If there were no God, what on earth or in the universe would we believe in?

*I know what's wrong with our government. The liberals want to remain in the 

past, the conservatives wanting to move onward. 

*It takes many to run a democracy, but only one to run a dictatorship. 

*If I were in charge of things everyone would be treated equally, but, of course, 

I'm not in charge of everything.

*You must always remember that angels are among us. 

*If you want to go to Heaven, deny the desires of the devil.

*President Trump may have a big mouth, but so does Congresswoman Nancy 


*Are disasters a warning from God or a sign from the devil?

*To travel alone is to go without burdens.

*Even though we may disagree, cannot we come together for the good of the 


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