Monday, November 6, 2017

6 Nov 17 - 0841 ET - TWEETS.


*"New Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Luke's back on the Falcon!

*"Trump Opens Asia Trip Talking Tough in Campaign-Style Rally."

*"Booze on the ballot: Utah dry town mulls allowing alcohol."

*Tornado warnings are out for counties surrounding Lake Erie south ending at

about 3:10 PM. Doppler 3 Radar.

*"Researchers say metal from dinosaur-killing asteroid can kill cancer cells."

*"As Papa John's evaluates NFL sponsorship, chain tells racists: Don't buy our 


*"Astronomers report dwarf star with unexpectedly giant planet."

*"Best Binoculars for Earth & See our picks for stargazing AND birding."

*"26 Dead in Texas Church Shooting, Killer Stopped by Armed Citizen."

*(Ground) "invasion 'only way' to disarm N Korea." Joint Chiefs.

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