Monday, November 6, 2017

6 Nov 17 - 1411 ET - TWEETS.


*"Milky Way Shimmers Over Yosemite. This view by photographer Miguel Claro 

is .... "

*"Netanyahu: Israel won't return dead militants as 'free gift.'"

*"Koenigsegg Agera RS hits 284 mph - VBOX verified>" YouTube

*"Humans to Blame for Climate Change."

*"Trump: Japan Could Shoot Down NKorea Missiles With US Weapons."

*"Purge of Saudi princes, businessmen widens, travel curbs imposed."

*"OnePlus will release the OnePlus 5T on November 21st." BGR stands for Boy Genius Report.

*"Pencil in the 8-1 Eagles for the Super Bowl already? History is on their side."

*".... only continent where children have both stunted growth and a rising 

obesity problem." Africa. A. L. Dahir.

*"Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds: The Kotaku Review."


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