Tuesday, November 7, 2017

7 Nov 17 - 1221 ET - QUOTES


*Are we all born with evil within us?

*Is making our country great again the goal of all nations?

*Remembering bad memories of the past are cause for depression, looking ahead

to the future is cause for happiness. 

*Even though you may not believe in God, you may want to say just one 

prayer for your fellow human beings.

*Western food keeps us fat or obese, Asian food keeps us skinny or slim.

*I've often said that I've coughed up enough of that oyster-like substance over 

the years to serve up an oyster dinner to the multitudes. 

*Oh, may we all live for each other and not just for ourselves.

*I hate to disagree with God, but I believe in vengance here on earth. 

*If life is like a box of chocolates, why do people live the same old way 


*One may remain slim if they eat to live, one will remain overweight if they live 

to eat.

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