Wednesday, November 8, 2017

8 Nov 17 - 0913 ET - TWEETS


*"2017 One of the Hottest Years. The science is in & 2017's been a scorcher!

*"Donald Trump calls for North Korea to 'make a deal' on eve of China visit."

*"My life as an al-Qaeda hostage." Stephen McGown.

*"NAACP says voters receiving bogus phone calls." By Joshua Barajas.

*"'Paradise Papers' Leak Details How Major Corporations Evade Taxes."

Sharmini Peries.

*"Google Is Adding Wait Times For Restaurants Because It Follows You 


*"See Jupiter's Auroras! New video highlights the puzzling ...."

*"Trump Issues Warning to North Korea: 'Do Not Try Us.'"

*"'Hundreds' of LGBT Asians seeking marriages of convenience."

*"Democrat .. Northam defeats .. Gillespie in race for Virginia governor closely 

watched by national parties."

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