Thursday, November 9, 2017

9 Nov 17 - 0833 ET - Issue 2 in Ohio

**YESTERDAY. Published 2 collections of Tweets, 1 collection of Quotes, etc. and 

a blog about my Mother's almost arranged marriage. 

I later drove Orrville to Bell Stores Marathon to buy a cappuccino, to PNC Bank to

finalize the rollover of my IRAs and to Buehler's Fresh Foods for some grocery 


After returning to the house, I went outdoors to place American flags out front 

for the November 11 Veteran's Day, placing a new 1 on the northeast border 


I then sprayed gas on the dried plants and weeds in the fire pit, most of them 

burned except for the 2 ends of the long sunflowers, so I'll take care of that later

depending on the weather. I filled all the bird feeders and when cold grass had 

become to cold for my bare feet, I decided to return indoors and take a warm 

shower. I have at least 2 videos of me taking a shower on YouTube, with my 

shorts on, of course. I don't dry off like normal people as you can see from the 


I almost forgot to send Christmas cards to Jacob Thompson who is in Barbara

Bush's Children's Hospital in Portland, Maine who will die in less than a month's

time and wishes for Christmas cards in the mail. We're mailing 3 Christmas cards

out today. If you forgot and still want to send a Christmas card the address is as 


Jacob Thompson

22 Bramhall Street

Room 653

Portland, Maine 04102 

**TODAY. Nothing on the schedule until November 13 when I have a 

dermatology appointment with Dr. Shane Clark and the surgery on my right eye 

to remove a cataract, implant a stent and a lens on November 15 at the Wooster 

Eye Surgery Center with Dr. Steiner operating. I'll have to call to get the precise 



"If I had lived 2 hundred years ago, eating non-processed food and plenty of 

exercise from walking with no prescription medications, I would have lived 

longer than I will today."

Forrest Caricofe

Google search: About 155,000 results (1.73 seconds). 

No results found for "If I had lived 2 hundred years ago, eating non-processed 

food and plenty of exercise from walking with no prescription medications, I 

would have lived longer than I will today."


**I'm upset and aggravated at my fellow Ohioans. They decided 2 days ago on 

election day to vote yes for Issue 2 which allows drug companies to raise prices

on their manufactured prescription medications. So now with us paying very

little because I have Tricare for Life and Anthem, there'll be no end to the cost 

of these prescription drugs, I needing to dig deeper into my already shallow 


I received a flyer in the mail about a week or so before election day, reading:  

"Ohio voters were confused and voted no on Issue 2 by 80% allowing drug 

companies to raise prices on prescription medications.

"Craig Landau runs Purdue Pharma, the maker of Oxycontin, the drug linked to 

the overdose deaths of thousands of Ohioans."


Ohio Ballot Issue 2: Cap State Agency Drug Costs.

By Matthew Bloch and Jasmine Lee, November 8, 2017, 2:07 PM ET.

"Voters in Ohio decided not to approve an initiative on Tuesday that was aimed 

at reducing the cost of prescription drugs in the state. The measure would have 

capped the price of prescription drugs purchased by the state government, 

including Medicaid.

The measure drew strong resistance from drug makers, which spent more than 

$49 million to try to kill it, and the industry is not accustomed to losing political 

fights. Last year, it successfully killed a measure in California that was similar to 

the one in Ohio, but only after spending more than $100 million to do so.

                               votes                    percentage

Yes:                    474,741                        20.7%

No:                  1,816,074                 79.3%"

I was 1 of the 474,741 voters who voted yes to place caps on prescription 

medication costs. I believe that younger people who take none or few 

medications were not as concerned as us older folks and finger-tipped the no 

vote which is normal for voting against an issue. But I'm not blaming it all on 

younger people. With age some of our brains are a bit addled, voting no when 

we should have voted yes, but I'm not included because I voted yes. 

You know what I think, and I've said before, when deciding on something of 

importance? Setup a 3 judge panel of highly respected common sense people 

and let them decide the issue. Their decision would be fair to the people 

compared to the majority who cannot make a fair decision that benefits 


If General Lee and General Grant would have sit down over a shot of whiskey 

and talked and settled the Civil War with a compromise, 620,000 soldiers and 

others would not have lost their lives buried mostly east of the Mississippi in 

long forgotten grave yards/plots.

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