Thursday, November 9, 2017

9 Nov 17 - 1628 ET - QUOTES, ETC.

*7:00 AM 11/9/2017 ET. I just had a Orleans Sardine sandwich for breakfast.

What a delicious treat!

*Looking in to the past is like walking backwards, walk into the future to seek 


*Going somewhere important doesn't matter. It's just going somewhere that 


*If I had my life to live over again, I would live it just as I did.

*It ain't the life you have lived, it's the life you're going to live that is important. 

*A can of sardines, 100% whole wheat bread and spicy mustard are more 

delicious than a peanut butter cookie. Whoops! I just ate a peanut butter cookie.

*To stay between the lines in life is boring and confining. Cross the lines to 

become free of that jail-like existence.

*I have grown my hair long. I'm a man. Is growing long hair a sin?

*I'm also a grown man that can cry. Anything wrong with that?

*I need to phone Dr. Kwok's office and asked about the Cologuard they order for

me. They call it "poop in a bucket."

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