Thursday, November 9, 2017

9 Nov 17 ET - 0941 ET - QUOTES, ETC.


*May we rise as one to defeat the evil in our world today.

*The governor's race in Virginia was won by a Democrat because of the votes 

from liberals and suck-ups who live in Virginia around D. C. 

*At my age, I know my drop-dead date is closing in, so I need to make things 

right with others before I pass to Heaven.

*They say if you're old you should rest more, I believe they got it backwards. 

You should move more to retain your flexibility. 

*Ohio voters did not use common sense or their reading skills on Election Day

voting to allow drug companies to raise prices. 

*I now take a sip of cod liver oil for breakfast as my Mother gave to us when we 

were children. It still has the throw-up taste, but I know it's good for me.

*My hair is so long now that I get a hair or two in my mouth when I'm eating.

What's a hairball or two. 

*I don't talk about what almost all old people do. Greiving over a lost loved one,

talking about their ailments and doctors and the weather. All are negative except 

for the weather at times.

*Speaking of the weather, today's high of 51°and low of 21° and tomorrow's of 

31° and 18° means I might have to wear my 100% polyester pants with 

American flag patches again when the temperature is 25° or less during the day.

*I don't use perfumed body spray on my twat or the rest of my body to prevent 

body oder, I use Paul Mitchell Shampoo and Conditioner. 

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