Thursday, November 9, 2017

9 Nov 17 ET - TWEETS


*"Stephen Hawking Wants Us to Leave Earth!

You can leave, Stephen, but I'm not. I like it here.

*"Georges St-Pierre gives away his UFC belts after every win, his middleweight 

title is no different."

*"Apple says it immediately contacted FBI about unlocking Texas shooter's 


*"ONE ICON | 2018 All-New Wrangler | Jeep®. Nice. 

*"CMAs 2017 In Memorial pays special tribute to Las Vegas victims. Brad Paisley for one.

*"Remove 'The Star-Spangled Banner' as national anthem, California NAACP 

urges." Remove the NAACP is my thought here.

*"SpaceX Rocket Engine. A routine preflight test ended with a bang!

*Ohio voters were confused and voted no on Issue 2 by 80% allowing drug 

companies to raise prices on prescription medications.

*"Mulvaney: Trump Won't Sign GOP Plan If It Raises Taxes on Middle Class." Perfect.

*"Rapid cuts to top leadership at State Department raises concern, says former 


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