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"Don't complain about doctors, companies, etc., they and you will feel best if we

compliment and give them a pat on the back."

Forrest Caricofe

Google search: About 2,430,000 results (1.50 seconds). 

No results found for "Don't complain about doctors, companies, etc., they and 

you will feel best if we compliment and give them a pat on the back."


I'm going to type web site reviews today of doctors and banks, companies, etc.. 

and their staff, then copy and paste here.

Web site reviews are for public viewing and I'll will use first names that I 

remember. If someone is opposed to my calling someone by their first name, 

please email me at with your objection and I'll delete it or 

change it to your satisfaction. 


Wade Plumbing.

Wade plumbing owned by Charlie Wade did an excellent job on reworking the 

piping in the basement to redirect the gray water from running into the ditch 

along Smucker Road to our sewer system just south of our house. We were 

ordered to do this because of a Wayne County after, I believe our "Fear Thy 

Neighbors" to the west told on us, maybe not. The team of Hank, Clay and Daniel, 

Charlie's son were awesome moving and and working as if in a ballet 


Thanks, Charlie, Clay, Hank and Daniel.

I will refer you to everyone who needs the art of plumbing. 

If you need to contact me concerning this review, my email is or at


TwinOaks Dermatology

My head-to-toe examination was the best I've ever had. Dr. Clark found about 7 

places that were pre-cancer Basel Cell Carcinoma, on my forehead, right temple 

and both arms. He handed to me some literature related to skin cancer 

appearances and advice on how to conduct a self examination. 

A friendly all women staff of Laura who was named after after a sad love song ,  

Page or Paige named after Page County in Virginia and at the checkout, Jesse 

James, but a woman, whose long dead desperado is her claim to fame. 

To those that I've missed, I'm sorry. That's another song. 'I'm Sorry' by Brenda 


Thanks to everyone.


If you need to contact me concerning this review, my email is or at


The Wooster Eye Center. 

The Wooster Eye Center is a great place for excellent eye exams,  eye surgery 

and other examinations needed for eye care. I recently had eye surgery 

performed by Dr. Steiner on both eyes to remove a cataract and implant a lens 

and a stent. He said that I would now be able to drive at night as a result of the 

surgery. He told the truth, I drove in the darkness of the night just last night. 

I always try to remember names, but I've forgotten some, so please forgive me if 

I forgot your name. There was Carol, Susan and Donna in the Wooster Eye 

Surgery Center located beneath the main office, 

In the main office above there's Heather who schedules surgery, Jodie  and 

Sherry, Dr.Steiner's patient office assistants and some other names I don't 

remember for now. Sorry. Onset of dementia?

I can tell you that, like so many doctor's offices I've been to recently, there is 

always a all women staff. I sincerely believe that doctors hire all women staffs 

because women are multi-taskers and men can only do 1 thing at a time 

including Dr.Steiner. 

I have eye doctors in 4 states, Wooster Eye Center being one of the best. I 

certainly would recommend them to everyone. 

Thanks to everyone.


Comments on this review can be made to me at or

Dr. Kwok.

Dr. Kwok is my regular doctor, an old people's doctor, the over impressive name 

for that escapes me for now. There is a ballet performance in his office with 2 

Jessica's, Ronnie,, Valerie and Elizabeth III, Elizabeth II being in England. 

Elizabeth II is the receptionist who makes fun of me by saying "run, Forrest, 

run," but I will forgive her in time.

I don't like complainers who nit pick about little things in their reviews at web 

sites online. For example: "The nurses in this office are rude and stick their nose 

where it don't belong and""Treats the elderly like they are stupid!" It's a shame.

I always think it's best to compliment and I'll do that right now. 

If any of you old people need an old people's doctor, Dr. Kwok and his staff are 

one of the best.

Thanks to you all.


If you have questions about my comments in this review, you can contact

me at fcaricofe@gmail,com or at


Wells Fargo

6:16 AM 11/19/2017 ET.

Hi, Liz

Your company is only as good as the people who work for you. 

I was not able to open the survey by the 2 options that you presented to me,

so knowing that "there's is more than 1 way to shoe a horse," I've decided to 

type my review in notepad, then copy and past in to my email. 

I met Richard first who helped me to view the online documents necessary for 

refinancing our house. Just for fun and kidding, I called him Richard the 

Lion-heart several times. He provided an excellent service by guiding me 

through the maze of online paperwork that was necessary. I failed to get the 

excess code several times and helped me with a solution for that.

The second employee of Wells Fargo I met was Lily who I sometimes called Lily 

of the Valley. She spent the most time with me, helping me through the 

complicated paperwork of my application and was able to do something another 

way when I had almost given up. She also sent to me a thank you card wishing 

my wife and I congratulations on our upcoming 50th anniversary, wishing us 

both well, and to contact her at anytime if I had anymore questions. 

Kyle was involved later on according to Lily, but I did not talk or communicate 

online to Kyle, maybe he works out of the closet. Just kidding, Kyle. 

To repeat what I typed above: "Your company is only as good as the people who 

work for you."

All in all, I'm more than satisfied with Richard, Lily and Kyle and would certainly

give to them at least a pat on the back if I was you, Liz, or your CEO (Chief 

Executive Officer), Timothy J. Sloan holding that position since Oct 12, 2016. 

If you have any questions about my review please contact me at or at

Thanks again.



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