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*"Will the US Have a Snowy White Thanksgiving?"

By Laura Geggel. If you really want to know go the Twitter 

account of @Climatologist49.

*"Comparing Star Wars Battlefront II On The Xbox One X, PS4 Pro And PC."

*"TransCanada sends more crews to pipeline leak."

South Africa's leading source of breaking news. 

"TransCanada says the company has sent additional crews and equipment to the 

site of a 795 000 litre oil spill from its Keystone pipeline in the American state of 

South Dakota." The pipeline may have to be detoured around the Dakota Indian's  

burial grounds after all. 

*"The Most Amazing Space Photos This Week!" By the staff.

*"Computer brain-training can reduce dementia in elderly by 29 per cent : 

Study." Leading news source from India. I use my 

HP 15 computer a lot and I'm elderly because I'm over 65 years old, hopefully 

I'll be one of the 29% who can reduce my chances of dementia.

*"The media has largely ignored a significant $83.7 billion "economic game 

changer" President Donald Trump helped broker with China during his 12-day 

trip to Asia that's poised to create numerous petrochemical projects in West 

Virginia over the next 20 years, The New York Post's Salena Zito reported 


By Wanda Carruthers.

It's the liberal news media like CNN (Chaotic No News) and not just media.

West Virginia is the 2nd poorest state in the US behind Mississippi and because 

President Trump has not delivered yet on the coal jobs he promised, this will be 

another way to give jobs to West Virginians. The liberal media seems obsessed

with Former Chief Justice, Roy Moore. 

*"Trump's CFPB (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau) Pick Will Likely Spell 

Bad News for Consumers. The good news is that President Trump has been slow 

to nominate heads for regulatory agencies, says white-collar criminologist Bill 

Black. The bad news is that Trump will pick someone eventually to replace 

Richard Cordray."

*"Senate committee questions Trump nuclear authority. US nuclear boss to 

resist 'illegal' order. Gen John Hyten says that instead he would work to agree 

with a legal alternative with the president. By Tara McKelvey. BBC White House 


*"Final Fantasy XV PS4 Pro vs Xbox One X graphics comparison."

*"Blood pressure guidelines and treatment change. Previously defined as Stage 1 

hypertension was a blood pressure reading of 140/90, but has now been 

changed to 130/80." By Leah Nestor, Staff Writer. 

I remember an arthroscopic surgery on my right knee, 2 pilonidal cyst operations 

and a bout of mononucleosis before my heart stopped in 1998. I was told that 

the heart doctors said that I would only live for about 2 years and here I'm up 

and kicking almost 20 years later. Could my heart stoppage have been prevented 

if I would have taken my blood pressure regularly? I don't know. 

The point I'm trying to make is that high blood pressure can occur at any age 

and for about $50 you can purchase a blood pressure checker at your local drug

store. Might be worth it to prevent congestive heart failure and other life ending

illnesses/diseases related to the heart.


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