Monday, November 20, 2017

Nov 20, 2017 - 9:11 AM ET - 10 QUOTES, THOUGHTS AND/OR COMMENTS.

*1:05 PM 11/19/2017 ET. Just turned on the TV to watch the Browns 0-9 play 

the Jaguars 6-3 in Cleveland. Score 0-0. I'll keep you posted. Watch 'Law and 

Order. Criminal Intent,' just one channel down from where the Browns are 

playing on DirectTV. 

1:23 PM 11/19/2017 ET. Jaguars 7, Browns 0. 

1:57 PM 11/19/2017 ET. Jaguars 10, Browns 7. 

2:57 PM 11/19/2017 ET. 3rd quarter, same score Jaguars 10, Browns 7. 

3:06 PM 11/19/2017 ET. Browns just recovered a fumble. 

3:24 PM 11/19/2017 ET. Start of 4th quarter. Jaguars 10, Browns 7. 

3:49 PM 11/19/2017 ET. Field goal, Jaguars. Jaguars 13, Browns 7.

4:04 PM 11/19/2017 ET. Recovered fumble in the end zone by the Jaguars.

Touchdown, Jaguars. 2 point conversion failed. Jaguars 19, Browns 7. 

About 1 minute left. Browns with the football with no timeouts. 53 seconds left.

Final, Jaguars 19, Browns 7 who are on the way to a perfect record of 0-16.

*Have you done right for humanity? Look back into your past for the answers to 

that question.

*I eat an lot of fish, omega 3, high protein, high salt which I like and few 

calories. If I seafood, I eat it.

*2:56 AM 11/20/2017 ET. All right, Up and at 'Em. (with Jack and Ben · 

Minnesota's Morning Podcast You're wasting your time 

sleeping when you could be awake and up to meet a another wonderful day.

Times a wasting. Get up. 

*I keep saying this, but no one is paying attention, stand instead of sitting, eat 

fruits & vegetables, gluten-free and fermented foods, and exercising meaning 

"the expenditure of energy creates energy." I hope you'll try to remember 

and do what I'm saying.

*West Virginia is the 2nd poorest state behind Mississippi which is the poorest.

Maryland is the richest state and Virginia, just across the Appalachians from 

West Virginia is the 8th richest. Do you know why Maryland and Virginia are so 

rich? I'll tell you. All those living around D. C. are suckup liberals making huge 

salaries that you the taxpayer have to pay.

*I wish for the times when we didn't have to know the time. We spend at least 

a 1/2 hour a day checking the time on our clocks, cell phones, computers, 

microwaves, stoves, wrist watches (not many), TV's and anything else showing 

the time.

*On Google's search page today: "Take a tour aboard the International Space 

Station." Click on International Space Station. Awesome!!

*My sinuses drain from my nasal passages to my throat and chest where I cough

it up when my throat and chest tells me to. The sputum looks almost like an 

oyster without the grey and if I would have saved all those oyster-like sputum's, 

I could have served an oyster dinner to the multitudes.

*I see the need to repeat myself sometimes. Coffee. Remember that. Coffee. 

Coffee is one of the major reasons for our productive world. Drink coffee (not 

decaf) and you will be more productive.

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