Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Nov 21, 2017 - 9:21 AM ET - REGRETS.

**YESTERDAY. I drove us all to Carolyn's appointment with her OB GYN 

(Obstetrics and gynaecology) doctor, got lost several times and ended up at 

Belden Village, a shopping mall and one of the few still standing. It was dark 

when we left and for the first time in years I was able to drive in the dark, for 

about 45 minutes and 40 miles to the house. All because of eye surgery to both 


**TODAY. I need to drive Ryan to Smithville, a 5 minute drive at the high 

speeds I drive, to get a haircut. 

I then need to drive to the Wooster Eye Center for my appointment with Dr. 

Steiner at 3:40 PM. Dr. Steiner will tell me, I hope, to stop squirting 3 eyedrops 

in my right eye 4 times a day.


"We must not remember the bad things in our past or today, but look to the 

future to seek happiness."

Forrest Caricofe

Google search: About 14,500,000 results (0.95 seconds). 

No results found for "We must not remember the bad things in our past or 

today, but look to the future to seek happiness."


**I have talked to so many people during my 75 years of life who carry 

burdens from their past, their present and in their outlook for their future. They 

appear to remember the bad and not the good happenings in their life resulting

in an ever deepening depression and little hope for their future. 

Do I have depression remembering things in the past, no hope for today 

or in the future? No I don't. But I have a few regrets in my life with no 


One was a man who wore a French cap who I promised to visit when he was 

released from a hospital I was in. He handed me his address as he left and my 

promise to visit. I lost his address only knowing he lived in Page County, Virginia 

where I once worked as a teacher and social worker. I drove over the Blue Ridge 

twice, asking at McDonald's, police stations, sheriff departments and fire 

departments. Not a trace. 

The second regret I have concerns my favorite teacher and coach, Mr. Kyger. 

My Mother and I went to Mr. Kyger and his wife's 50th wedding anniversary just 

north of Broadway High School where he last taught. Later he became ill and was 

placed in a nursing home. At first I couldn't find the nursing home he was in, but

later on I found out that he was in a nursing home across from Gold's Gym in 

Harrisonburg, Virginia. My sister, Nancy, and I went into the nursing home to see

him, but he was asleep and we didn't want to bother him. I learned later on that 

he had died, my last chance to see him a failure. 

I guess this 3rd regret is maybe the biggest. I started out hitch hiking from 

Dayton, Virginia where my family lived and my family do not know my 

whereabouts for about 1 and half years. 

I need to ask that man who lives in Page County for forgiveness here on earth 

and forgiveness from Mr. Kyger and my parents from their lofty place in Heaven. 


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