Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Nov 22, 2017 - 9:34 AM ET - 10 QUOTES, THOUGHTS AND/OR COMMENTS.

*Will God allow us to explore the far reaches of the universe or will God stop us 

like it says in the Bible, Genesis 11:1-9 about the Tower of Babel?

*I received a speeding ticket recently just because I drive to fast, almost faster 

than every car on the road, so I'm considering purchasing a RadSpeed Detector 

Pro. And I still seeing on TV that ad for Express Crock by Crockpot. 

*I knew a man and his wife while I was working as letter carrier in Orrville, Ohio.

The were country folks, hillbilly's, not natives of Ohio, but immigrants from West 

Virginia or some place near to there. He called pizza pieza. He was almost always 

on the porch his wife behind him in support of her longtime husband. When he 

saw a squirrel, rabbit or other eatable food get run over and killed by a car, he 

would go to the road, pick up the roadkill and skin it. His wife would fry it in lard 

and that would be their supper for that evening. 

*Your past must not get in the way of any future happiness.

*Being friendly to strangers has been my life long tradition.

*Why do we tolerate the high prices we pay for prescription medications when 

as one we could stop their outrageous profiteering? ^^

*When I was in grade school I used a number 2 pencil to print and write cursive. 

Have any of you grade schoolers heard of a number 2 pencil or cursive writing? 

*What's the difference between a human and a jackass? No difference, both

are God's creations.

*Don't worry about things that haven't happened yet, wait until the dilemma 

presents itself to find a resolution.

*Do some wish for Heaven to escape the evil on our earth or just to get away 

from all the pain of living?

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