Friday, November 24, 2017


A picture postcard I received from someone who lives in China.

*I've been alone almost all my life, even in a crowd of people, but I don't mind,

you see I do have friends, and they are almost always total strangers.

*To me, to live without dignity is to live without living.

*I'm a member of The Silent Generation, born in 1942, and I was very shy as

a kid, my parents saying I hid under the bed when company came to the house.

But look at me now, I talk to everyone I meet.

*The more you complain the worse your life gets. www.forrestcaricofe.

*Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday and Super Saturday or

Panic Saturday. What the hell is going on?

*I'll be durn, I typed yesterday that I wanted the NFL football teams, the

Chargers, Redskins and Vikings to win. All 3 won, my perfect record.

*A few people I know dislike the Amish. I like the Amish. Three days ago I talked

to a Amish woman while we where standing in line at the General Dollar. There is

no major difference between her and me, except she speaks 2 languages and I

speak only one.

*I keep talking about evil, but we as one need to talk of evil to exterminate evil

from our planet.

*I've often wondered why I don't get any notifications on Facebook in the early

morning darkness of the beginning day? Am I the only one that gets up almost

every morning at 2:29 AM 11/24/2017 ET? That could be the reason, I suppose?

*The brilliant sunshine of the morning is like a good tasting mug of coffee.

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