Sunday, November 26, 2017


*I'm sitting in the Honda in front of the Verizon store off Arlington Road in 

Akron. In settings, I clicked on available WiFi networks and it gave me a FBI 

Surveillance Van. I hope they're not after me for some reason. 

I found out later from a Verizon employee that the nail salon 2 stores away had 

named their WiFi, FBI Surveillance Van.

An FBI Surveillance Van.

*I have a device I purchased from Walmart for about $20. I plug it in to the 

cigarette lighter with the other end being an electrical outlet. I plug in my 

computer charging cord into the outlet and my computer and cell phone remain 

fully charged.

*I just saw on TV that ancestryDNA is on sale for $59 until Monday. I paid $112.

Don't seem right somehow.

*If I could come back after I die as something else, I'd like to come back as a 

dog. I like being friendly.

*I told you before that I'm cheap growing up some years after the Great 

Depression. My clothiers for many years has been Goodwill and other thrift 


*If you remember the other day that I said drinking coffee is one of the major 

reasons for a person's productivity, my favorite being McDonald's, next favorite,

Folgers and at the bottom of my list is Seattle's Best served at Burger King.

*During the years of my long life, I've learned how to talk fast with efficiency.

I also believe that you can, most often, say what's important in 10 words or less.

*When I've emptied a V-8 Healthy Greens plastic bottle, I slice a lemon, lime and

orange and squeeze into the bottle. I then fill it with well water and I have what 

I believe to be a quite healthy drink.

*Why is it that humankind must always be at war when leaders could settle their

differences, without loss of life, by talking and reaching compromises to each 

others satisfaction? 

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