Tuesday, November 28, 2017

NOV 28, 2017 - 6:56 PM ET - 10 TWEETS AND COMMENTS.

Sorry I'm late. Tried to accomplish many things day, but it was like

"pissing in the wind."

*"Advertisers flee YouTube over videos exploiting children, 'disturbing' autofill 

results." I have 2 videos on YouTube that may be

close to being obscene. One is showing me a taking a shower, the other is 

entitled "I have to pee bad!"  Forrest Caricofe. 

*"Trump Will Not Campaign for Alabama's Roy Moore."

I do not always agree with President Trump, much like a blanket endorsement, 

but I agree with him on this issue, Roy Moore becoming more trouble that he's 


*"Facebook rolls out AI (Artificial Intelligence) to detect suicidal posts before 

they're reported." Commendable! Thank you, Mark Z.

*" Congress returns from Thanksgiving to face an extreme to-do list for next 

month, including funding the government and voting on a tax plan. CBO report 

predicts GOP plan would hammer poorest Americans. A report says that as many as 30% of 

Americans have trouble making ends meet.

Another report from "For example, 10% of U.S. households live 

on less than $13,300 a year. Almost 20% of American children under the age of 

18 live in poverty. More than 20% of Hispanics live in poverty and almost a 

quarter of African Americans. Women are still much more likely to be living in 

poverty than men." 

I've been homeless several times and the homeless are the poorest of the poor. I 

don't see how the government could tax the homeless?

*"Did you know. In 2016, brands using Twitter saw a 19% increase in customer 

satisfaction." I'm going to try this once I figure it 


*"Hezbollah, on the rise in Lebanon, fends off Saudi Arabia. Shiite militant group 

is set to potentially benefit from recent turmoil, using its political and military 

prowess to consolidate power. Erin Cunningham, Louisa Loveluck. Hezbollah along with ISIS are both evils 

that we need to rid our earth of and send to hell. The devil is waiting with open


*"No End to US Involvement in Afghanistan. "We'll Keep a Military Force for 50 

Years Next to China and Pakistan,"" say Wilkerson. Paul Jay talks with Larry 

Wilkerson. "Lawrence B. "Larry" Wilkerson is a 

retired United States Army Colonel and former chief of staff to United States 

Secretary of State Colin Powell." Wikipedia.

*"Italian court sentences Brazilian footballer Robinho to nine years for 2013 

sexual assault." Are there no more 

moral men of integrity left here on earth besides Pope Francis?

*"Google Docs apps updated for iPhone X, iOS 11 drag-and-drop for iPad." Are you old enough to remember the comedy movie '9 to 

5' starring Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin and Dolly Parton? Oh, I forgot. Jane call 

home, 1-800- Hanoi.  

*"Why won't Meghan Markle be known as Princess Meghan when she ties the 

knot with Prince Harry next year? The brutal answer is that, by the standards of 

British royal protocol, the former Hollywood star lacks "royal blood.""

"Royal blood" my arse. Have Megan take the ancestryDNA analysis and I'm sure 

she will have some so called "royal blood"in her past. Quit nit picking, Queen 

Elizabeth II. 

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