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Wednesday, November 29, 2017


*Happiness will come your way if you surround yourself with happy people.

*Where would we be if we had no world to live in?

*Some people have spent most of their lifetime searching for the yeti and/or 

bigfoot. An article today says that hair samples analysed prove that they are 

from known extinct animals and not unknown animals like the yeti and/or 

bigfoot. For those of you that have been searching, find another occupation to 

waste your time on.

*Reports say that fish in the seas are decreasing because of over fishing. I hope 

there will never come a time when all we have is farm raised fish. Some of you 

may know that I dearly love seafood.

*Instead of showing cruelty and unkindness, show gentleness and kindness 

because this is God's way.

*To want material possessions is a sin, to need things is not.

*To light a single candle for a child is more important than lighting a multitude

of candles for an older man such as I.

*I do not pick and choose who I want to talk to, I talk to everyone not matter the

color of their skin.

*Sometimes you may think I'm a saint for what I say, but I'm the farthermost

from a saint than anyone can be.

*I would go as far to say that even Pope Francis may have skeletons in his 


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