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UP THE NIGHT'S SKY—HERE'S HOW TO SEE IT. The first and only visible 

supermoon of 2017 will occur on the night of December 3, shining up to 16 

percent brighter and 7 percent larger than normal, according to National 

Geographic....Budding astronomers on the East Coast need only stay awake until 

4:00am ET on December 4 to see the moon at its nearest distance to Earth – a 

measly 222,443 miles." BY KATHERINE HIGNETT.

*"Benghazi suspect convicted on four lesser counts, does not face death 

penalty." Hillary should also be held responsible for not 

providing enough protection at the embassy and lying when she was questioned 

before the senate subcommittee.

*"Genetic analysis of hair samples attributed to yeti, bigfoot and other 

anomalous primates. In the first ever systematic genetic survey, we have used 

rigorous decontamination followed by mitochondrial 12S RNA sequencing to 

identify the species origin of 30 hair samples attributed to anomalous primates."

Bryan C. Sykes, Rhettman A. Mullis, Christophe Hagenmuller, Terry W. Melton, 

Michel Sartori.

The article goes on to say that the hair samples are from known animals and not 

from unknown animals like the yeti and bigfoot. Those of you who are still 

searching for the yeti and bigfoot, forget it, they don't exist. Search for some 

other animal, quit wasting your time.

*"Google doodle celebrates Gertrude Jekyll's 174th Birthday." Click on the 

Gertrude Jekyll's 174th Birthday to see more.

*"LeBron James' frustration boils over, leads to first ejection of NBA career. I, living close to Cleveland, am a fan of the Cavaliers. I believe 

he did this intentionally to energize his team mates.

*"New 3-D printer is 10 times faster than commercial counterparts."


Credit: Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

From the article it doesn't say it's for sale yet, but it has just been developed.

*"Matt Lauer: NBC sacks Today Show host over alleged 'inappropriate sexual 


I believe that sexual misconduct began "between about 1.89 million and 143,000 

years ago" when Homo erectus (Upright man) lived. Wikipedia.

*"A ‘slave auction’ puts the global spotlight back on Libya. Reports of migrants 

being sold into slavery have focused attention back on the chaos in Libya." By 

Ishaan Tharoor.

utm_term=.cf4ea647f130. Many countries in our world today sell migrants into

slavery, it's not just Libya. 

*"Attempt to lure Washington Post into reporting a false story underlines media 

distrust." There doesn't seem to be any end

to fake news or sexual misconduct. Maybe it will end when God destroys the 

earth by fire like I said yesterday.

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